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146.76 is On the Air!


The .76 repeater is back on the air!  There are a few remaining minor issues that we are aware of and are working on.

See the Repeaters page for more information.

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  • Hamfests
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  • Pictures from the previous meeting
  • Minutes from Trustee meetings (bi-monthly).

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November 2021
Upcoming Holiday Party at Houlihan's; Recap of Portable Operations by K8ZT; Trustees' Meeting notes

October 2021
Upcoming Restaurant Meeting at Houlihan's - Portable Operations, K8ZT;  Ham radio and the law photos; Repeater Story, N8QMK

September 2021
Upcoming Restaurant Meeting at Kumos - Ham radio and the law; Trustees' Meeting notes, Solar Power Recap

August 2021
Upcoming Restaurant Meeting - Solar Power, Pictures from LEARA Summer Picnic, National POW MIA

July 2021
Upcoming Leara Picnic, Pictures from N8BHL Inside tour of "the Sarge", Trustees' Meeting notes

June 2021
Upcoming Ohio Section EC, N8BHL Inside tour of "the Sarge", W8SGT, ARRL Night with Tom Sly presentation recap

May 2021
Upcoming ARRL Night with Tom Sly, T41 SDT presentation recap, Trustees' Meeting notes

April 2021
Upcoming SDT Project presentation by Jack Purdum/Al Peter, Slides from previous Foxhunting presentation

March 2021
Upcoming Foxhunting presentation, Repeater Maintenance, Solar Generator Presentation links, Trustees' Meeting notes

February 2021
Upcoming Solar Generator/Inverter/Transfer-Switch presentation, Repeater Equalizer, Christmas lights presentation pictures

January 2021
Upcoming Digitally controlled Christmas lights, Trustees' Meeting notes, Bob Heil presentation pictures


November 2020
Upcoming Bob Heil talk, Trustees' Meeting notes, Holiday Party & Raffle-Drawing announcement

October 2020
Upcoming Airwave talk, Monthly news

September 2020
AllStarLink, Upcoming ARRL Division Elections, Simulated Emergency Test

August 2020
Yaesu, Arrl-News, Arecibo

July 2020
APRS, Zoom Meetings, Trustees' Meeting, Allstar is coming, QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, Youth Assay contest

June 2020
Public Service Events, Gota, Virtual Meetings, ARRL News

May 2020
Public Service Events, Virtual Meetings, Trustees' Meeting

April 2020
Hustler 5-BTV Antenna, Virtual Meetings, Bylaw Updates

March 2020
Coronavirus, Cancellations, Meetings, Trustee Meeting Notes, February meeting pictures

February 2020
Mat Nickoson “Cleveland's Skywarn Radio Operations”

January 2020
KD8WBB's first Spirt of 76 and 88


November 2019
N8AUC - The Ohio SET

October 2019
Stan Broadway - Ohio ARES

September 2019

August 2019
Hurricanes in the Virgins

July 2019
It's picnic time!

June 2019
Desecheo Island DXpedition2009

May 2019
Leara 50th anniversary celebration.

April 2019
March 2019
New ARRL Podcast Geared Toward Newcomers to Amateur Radio Debuts on March 7
German Radio Amateur Successfully Sends OPERA Signal via Es’hail-2
February 2019

Young Amateurs Radio Club Wants to Pair Youthful Contesters with Big Gun Stations
HamSCI 2019 Workshop Issues Second Call for Papers, Speakers
January 2019

The Ohio Section: Things You Might Not Know (N8SY)
The Slot-Cube Antenna for Two Meters


November 2018
LEARA Elects Three To Three-Year Board Terms
Special Call Signs Commemorate Centenary of World War I Armistice

October 2018
LEARA Remembers Dave Foran, WB8APD (SK)
Notice Of Annual Meeting And Elections
ARRL, FCC Discussing Issue of Uncertified Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers

September 2018
Candidates Biographies for Election or Re-Election to the LEARA BOARD OF TRUSTEES

August 2018
NIST FY 2019 Budget Would Eliminate WWV and WWVH
Atlanta Science Expo and HamJam, 2014 - 2018
Ham Radio at Arizona Science Center
Amateur Radio at Summer Camp
New US Submarine Forces Commander is Radio Amateur

July 2018
Bill Schultz, AC8CO, SK
Field Day Wrap-Up from Joel, K8SHB
Joe, KC8RAN, to become Good DX
ARRL Volunteer Examiner Team in Australia Holds First Technician Test Session under New Element 2 Question Pool

June 2018
Hamvention 2018 - Second Year in Xenia Improved
K8SHB and WA8LIV Set Field Day Plan
Andrew Kahn, WA8LIV letter to the ARRL
Hamvention Forum Videos Now Searchable on YouTube

May 2018
For Sale
2000-Foot Tower Collapses in Missouri

April 2018
Ohio School and University Radio Clubs Shine in on-air "School Club Roundups"
New ISS Crew Member's Ham Radio Contact to Highlight a Wider Educational Effort

March 2018
Management Change Under Way at Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory
Alexa Can Be Your Ham Shack Sweetheart!

February 2018
Likely Restaurant Schedule for ALL OF 2018 MEETINGS!
Sisterhood of Amateur Radio Supports Girl Scouts in Obtaining Radio Wireless Patch
NBC News Left Field Report Says Hams "Could Save Our Lives" in a Disaster

January 2018
Extreme Weather Events Tied Conclusively to Humans
"Quantum Radio" May Offer New Twist on Communicating in Problematic Environments

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