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About Radio Reference and Broadcastify


Radio Reference and Broadcastify are two websites that provide information about radio communication largely to scanner enthusiasts.  Radio Reference includes a frequency database, trunked radio system information, and FCC license data.  The wiki and forums are the place for public safety communication professionals and hobbyists to discuss radio communication, details of programming and operating radio communication equipment, and related information.  Broadcastify hosts over 3,000 live audio broadcasts that include Police, Fire, EMS, Amateur Radio, and other associated communications.  These feeds are provided for free and by volunteers using their own equipment and Internet connection.

Having these feeds on an enthusiast site like Radio Reference and Broadcastify can help us all in the following ways:

  • It gives LEARA greater exposure to the public and potential hams to Amateur Radio, nets, or Allstar.
  • It makes the Skywarn nets available anywhere during severe weather season.
  • It provides a way to monitor the repeaters from home, work, or anywhere.
  • It gives a way to test your signal into the repeater.

Live Audio Feeds

To listen to the feeds on a desktop computer, all you need is a web browser.  Additionally, they can be found on the Broadcastify website by browsing to the Cuyahoga county/Cleveland listings.  On Broadcastify, additional player options can be found including: Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes, Winamp, and 2 web players (either Flash or Java).  A Broadcastify premium membership is needed to access the archives.

Smartphone Users

To listen on mobile smartphones and tablets, an application will need to be downloaded.  ScannerRadio is recommended for Android; 5-0Radio for iOS devices.  A complete list of available applications and platforms can be found on the Mobile Listening Support page.  When the application is installed, browse to the Cuyahoga county/Cleveland listings or many have a 'near me' function to locate nearby feeds.

Thank you for listening and enjoy!