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QSO Radio Show

The Amateur Radio QSO Show is a crossroads where Radio Amateurs, tell their stories and share in their life experiences in Amateur and Shortwave Radio. The QSO Radio Show also shares in the life stories and accomplishments of engineers in the forefront of the Broadcast Engineering, Audio and communications fields. The QSO Radio Show is hosted by Ted Randall WB8PUM the recipient of the 2008 ARRL Leonard Media Award. Ted is proud to be a member of the A.R.R.L American Radio Relay League and the Society of Broadcast Engineers.
  1. The worlds most foremost expert on Area 51
  2. Jim Tucker KB0QNW
  3. Ted Turner K5TED
  4. Ken Reitz KS4ZR
  5. Michael Kalter W8CI
  6. Eric Hofer KJ4YZI
  7. Joe Eisenberg K0NEB w/ Don Wilbanks AE5DW
  8. Valerie Hotzfeld NV9L
  9. Tom Delker K1KY
  10. Richard Lenoir KI5DX
  11. Mark Brown N4BCD Don Wilbanks AE5DW Ted Randall WB8PUM and David KG4WXW
  12. Big Jim Edwards from CKLW, KHJ, WOR, WLS
  13. Kirk Harnack KDFYD talks about the Telos Aliance and Broadcast Engineering
  14. Benny talks about many aspects of amateur radio
  15. Bill Sepulveda talks about antennas and the G5RV for unbelievers
  16. Keith Baker KB1SF talks all about AMSAT
  17. Tim Lovejoy NC8OS EC for Lorain County Ohio
  18. Ted Randall, David and Don Wilbanks talk to Keven Duplantis W4KEV
  19. George Thomaa joins Ted Randall and David to talk about everything Ham Radio