LEARA Club Net Activity Log

Recent Announcements:

  • LEARA Club Net promotion - see the LEARA "On The Air" column in the newsletter for more info
  • The Thursday LEARA Club net meets every Thursday at 8 PM on 146.760. All are welcome to participate.
  • The Thursday LEARA Digital Communications Net meets every Thursday at 9PM on 146.880. All are welcome to participate.
    For information on Digital communication, software and configuration, See Getting Started Tutorials on the Club's Net page.
  • ARES nets meet monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8 PM on 145.410 repeater. The net is on Summer vacation till September. .
    The next ARES meeting is on Sunday September 16, at 2PM.
    For more information on ARES check their website at www.ccares.us .
  • The Wednesday SkyWarn Wednesday night practice nets are on vacation till March 2019,
    A net will be activated should NWS issue a severe storm warning.
  • !--where they will meet every Wednesday in March thru September at 8:30PM on 146.880 repeater.
    At the end of the net a short simplex net will take place on 146.475. Feel free to check in and test your gear on simplex! -->
  • The National Weather Service is dividing up the customary multiple county Spring Spotter training into Fall and Spring sessions.
    Half the counties will be presented in the fall with the remaining counties holding there session in the usual Spring time.
    The following years, the counties will be swapping their training between the fall and spring sessions.
    Local fall sesssions will be:
    	Cleveland - November 1 at the American Red Cross 3747 Euclid Avenue
    	Medina    - October 10 at the Medina County Career Center 1101 West Liberty
    	Ashland   - October 23 at the Ashland County Sheriffs Office 1205 E Main St.
    Lorain and Geauga counties will have their session in the Spring.
  • Next LEARA monthly membership meeting is on Tuesday, October 30 at 6:30 PM
    at Vittorio's Buon Appetito , 29664 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH 44092)
  • Next LEARA Trustee meeting Saturday November 10, at 9:15AM - Garfield Heights Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library System, , 5409 Turney Rd, Cleveland, OH 44125 - All members welcome
  • Have pictures of your shack or mobile installation? Pass them along to the newsletter editor KG8DN
  • IRLP is on the '88 repeater; (currently not accessable as DTMF is not deconding tones) See the LEARA Newsletter and Web Page for more information
  • The Fusion Repeater on 447.880 is back in town awaiting installation. Check out the Repeaters tab for more information.
  • Upcoming Hamfests – See Newsletter on the Club's Net page.
  • Public Service events:
  • The Public Service season for 2018 has started . For events to come, please check out the ARES link: http://ccares.us/
    and scroll to the bottom or click "HERE"

  • N8UPZ reminds everyone that the National Weather Service can always use help with precipitation monitoring. For further info please check out the CoCoRaHS web site at http://www.cocorahs.org

  • We can always use net controlers, which means that you can try your hand at running a LEARA net! Give it a try, it's not that hard. Learn the voices and call signs of your fellow radio members. We presently have 7 active net controlers to bring you the net each week. Why not join up and give us a hand.
    You can even do a part time shift - say 4 times a year! Give it a try!
    Contact Carl KB8VXE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunshine Report

  • We are sorry to report that Dave Foran (WB8APD) becane a Silent Key Wednesday night 10/10/18 We offer Dave's Family our condolances.
  • We hear that Fritz Hemrich K8WLF Is feeling Better. Glad to hear you back on the net.
  • Past Trivia / Discussion Questions

  • 8/23/18 Question: Trivia Question: In the mid-to-late 1960s, what changes were made to WWV? (some, all, or none of the answers maybe correct)
    Choices: A) moved to its current location of Ft. Collins, CO, B) frequency control improved,
    C) A440 was added to the broadcast, D) GMT was broadcast instead of local time
    Answer: A, B, and D are correct. Choice C (A above middle C) was added in 1936.
    (See links below for realated info)

    For those of us who aren't into music.....
    A440 or A4 (also known as the Stuttgart pitch), which has a frequency of 440 Hz, is the musical note of above middle C and serves as a general tuning standard for musical pitch.
    The International Organization for Standardization classifies it as ISO 16. Before standardization on 440 Hz, other frequencies were standardized upon. Although not universally accepted, it serves as the audio frequency reference to calibrate acoustic equipment and to tune pianos, violins, and other musical instruments.

  • 8/30/18 Net run from the Geauga County Fair:
    Queston asked: What was a WONDERFUL memory you had from a County or State Fair?
  • 9/6/18 Question: What did the tobacco industry do for baseball?
    A) Erect first bill boards relating to tobacco products.
    B) Made it fun to collect baseball cards.
    C) Provide chewing tobacco free to players
    D) Donate land to set up ball diamonds
    Answer: B) - They made collecting baseball cards fun and boosted their sales of tobacco.
  • 09/13/18 Question: WWV operates on 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz; Where is WWVH (Whisky Whisky Victor Hotel) located?
    A) Kauai, Hawaii B) Fort Collins, Coloradio C) Ontario, Canada D) Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Answer: Answer: Kauai, Hawaii
  • 9/20/18 Question: How long after the invention of the tin can was the two-bladed can opener invented?
    A) Within a year
    B) Within 5 years
    C) Within 25 years
    D) Within 50 years
    Answer: D) The tin can was invented in the early 1800s, but it would take almost 50 years for Waterbury, Connecticut, native Ezra J. Warner to invent a two-blade device to open the container.
  • 9/27/18 Question: Which transmission mode is a "structured" mode:
    A)PSK31, B)JT65, C) THROB, D)OLIVIA, E)MT63?
    Answer: B)JT65 is a structured WSJT supported mode optimized for Earth-Moom-Earth-Moom
    contacts on the VHF bands, and conforms efficiently to the established standards
    and procedures for such QSOs. JT65 does not transmit messages character by character as done in Morse code.
    Instead whole messages are trnslated into unique strings of 72 bits and from those into sequences
    of 63 six-bit symbols.
    BTW SWJT - is Weak Signal, by Joe Taylor (K1JT)
    From ARRL Handbook - Chapter 16 Digital Modes.
  • 10/04/18 Question: Which state has the most hams per capita?
    a) California, b) Alaska, c) Florida, d) Arizona
    Answer: b) Alaska.
  • 10/11/18 We received word this morning of the passing of David Foran, WB8APD.
    In Dave's memory, we dispensed with the usual trivia and "did you know" items.
    Participants were invited to reflect on WB8APD, memories, thoughts, in view of his years of service.
  • 10/18/18 Question: In what year was the YL System founded?
    A)1933 , B)1943 , C)1953 , D)1963
    Answer: D- February 9, 1963
  • Related info on WWV

    Trivia Question Etiquette

      The Trivia Question is supposed to be a fun and learning experience for everyone checking in. Most of the time the answer is a multiple guess, and for many literally a guess. It makes the people sit and ponder the possible answers. If you don't know the answer, you may say so and acknowlege that you are taking a guess, and then give your answer. If you KNOW the correct answer, please just give give the letter or text of your choice only. Don't spoil the question for others by giving a complete dissertation on the principals, theories and biographies of the author or scientist. Giving that information early in the net spoils the fun for the people who have yet to play. Factoids and anecdotal information regarding history or even personal experience relating to the question is a most welcome additive to the discussion AFTER the answer has been given. Let the Net Control KNOW you have additional info for the end of the net.

      Thanks for checking in and enjoy learning new facts, or basking in the knowlege that you have.
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