LEARA Club Net Activity Log

Recent Announcements:

  • LEARA Club Net promotion - see the LEARA "On The Air" column in the newsletter for more info
  • The Thursday LEARA Club net meets every Thursday at 8 PM on 146.760. All are welcome to participate.
  • The Thursday LEARA Digital Communications Net meets every Thursday at 9PM on 146.880. All are welcome to participate.
    For information on Digital communication, software and configuration, See Getting Started Tutorials on the Club's Net page.
  • ARES nets meet monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8 PM on 145.410 repeater For more information on ARES check their website at www.ccares.us .
    The next ARES meeting is on Sunday April 12, at 2PM in the Independence Branch of Cuyahoga Library System.
  • The Wednesday night SkyWarn practice nets meet every Wednesday, March thru September at 8:30PM on 146.760 repeater.
    At the end of the net a short simplex net will take place on 146.475. Feel free to check in and test your gear on simplex!
  • 2018 Severe Storm Spotter Training will be held at 6:00PM on April 19.
    Independence Civic Center Red Oak/Pin Oak Rooms
    6363 Selig Blvd.
    Independence, Ohio
  • Next LEARA monthly membership meeting Will be Tuesday April 24. 2018 at
    Luna’s Deli & Restaurant 5198 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44129 (Northwest Corner of Pearl and Brookpark Roads).
  • Next LEARA Trustee meeting Saturday May 12, at 9:15AM - Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library
    2121 Snow Road, Prma, Ohio 44134 - All members welcome
  • Have pictures of your shack or mobile installation? Pass them along to the newsletter editor KG8DN
  • IRLP is on the '88 repeater; (currently not accessable as DTMF is not deconding tones) See the LEARA Newsletter and Web Page for more information
  • The Fusion Repeater on 447.880 is back in town awaiting installation. Check out the Repeaters tab for more information.
  • Upcoming Hamfests – See Newsletter on the Club's Net page.
  • Public Service events:

  • The Public Service season for 2018 has started . For events to come, please check out the ARES link: http://ccares.us/
    and scroll to the bottom or click "HERE"

  • N8UPZ reminds everyone that the National Weather Service can always use help with precipitation monitoring. For further info please check out the CoCoRaHS web site at http://www.cocorahs.org

  • We can always use net controlers, which means that you can try your hand at running a LEARA net! Give it a try, it's not that hard. Learn the voices and call signs of your fellow radio members. We presently have 7 active net controlers to bring you the net each week. Why not join up and give us a hand.
    You can even do a part time shift - say 4 times a year! Give it a try!
    Contact Carl KB8VXE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunshine Report

  • We want to say Hi to our friends who are a bit under the weather:
    Dave Foran WB8APD

    By the way, Dave has some radio equipment he would like to sell:
    Icom ID880h DStar equipped radio $200 Cash only.
    Contact Jeff Covelli WA8SAS at 440-951-6406

Past Trivia / Discussion Questions

  • 02/22/18 Question: A center fed 1/2 wave dipole in space has an input impedance of:
    A)37 ohms, B)50 ohms, C)73 ohms, D)100 ohms.
    Answer C- 73 ohms.
  • 03/01/18 Question: In the public safety worldEmergency Communications are guided by NIFOG.
    What is NIFOG and what does the guide do for communications?
    Answer: National Interoperability Field Operations Guide: Is the technical reference for emergency communication planners for radio comms techs responsible for radios used for disaster response.
    It includes rules and regulations for use nationwide and other interoperability channel, tables of frequencies used and channel aids and other reference materials in pocket sized format.
  • 03/08/18 No Question was offered instead "tidbits" were were provided on Norway's "Bouvet Island" in the South Atlantic and 3YOZ DXpedition 2018
    Sources: Article in the recent ARRL online newsletter, "3YOZ Bouvet Island Team: We'll Be Back" and the thirteen page Wikipedia article on Bouvet Island.
    Their recent DXpedition was discontinued due to weather and engine failure.
  • 03/15/18 Yesterday was the 30th aniversary of PI day (3/14)! What year is the ULTIMATE year for PI day?
    A)1590, B)1591, C)1592 or D)1593?
    Answer: C- 1952 - March 14, 1592 at 6:30AM is teh largest corresponden e between calendar dates and the calendar dates and the significant digits of PI = 3.141592653
  • 03/22/18 Question: How many counties doe the Cleveland National Weather forcast for?
    Choices: A)10, B)11, C)27, D)28? - Answer: D)28
    Discussion: What weather srelated memories do you have and can share?
    We are entering Storm Awareness Month. More information on Cuyahoga County Skywarn can be found at
  • 03/29/18 Queston: Today is Baseball’s opening day. Not too many Baseball players are ham radio operators but after a quick Google search I found one, Joe Rudi. In a 16-year career, Rudi was a .264 hitter with 179 home runs and 810 RBI in 1547 games. He won American League Gold Gloves in 1974, 1975 and 1976, and played in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 1972, 1974 and 1975. He batted and threw right-handed. He is a long-time amateur radio operator with the call sign NK7U.
    Who did Joe Rudi play for?
    A) Clevenad Indians, B) Cincinnati Reds, C) New Yok Mets, D) Oakland Athletics
    Answer: D) Oakland Athletics
    Discussion: Who is your favorite player and why?
  • 04/05/18 Question: A circuit made by using two series coils and two shunt capcitors forms what kind of filter:
    A) Low pass, B) High pass, C) Band Pass, D) Band stop
    Answer A- It is a 4th order low pass filter (Taken from ARRL Handbook Chapter 11 RF & AF Filters)
  • 04/12/18 Question: if a 1 amp current passed through a 1 Ohm resister dissipates 1 Watt, then a 2 amp current will create how many watts?
    A)2, B)4, C) 1/2, D) Can't be determined Watts?
    Answer, B-4 Watts. Power = I squared R, (2A*2A)*1ohm=4W
  • 04/19/18 Tonight's net featured the Case Amateur Radio Club at CWRU, many members of which checked into the net.
    Question: Which of the following five options is the best answer when applied to the Case Radio Club:
    A)They won first place amongh colleges and universities in the 2017 School Club Roundup
    B)They used to operatiing under the callsign, W8URD
    C)They wone the Worked All States Triple Play Certificate
    D) all of the above are correct
    E) NONE of the above are correct
    Answer: D - Congratulations to W8EDU

Trivia Question Etiquette

    The Trivia Question is supposed to be a fun and learning experience for everyone checking in. Most of the time the answer is a multiple guess, and for many literally a guess. It makes the people sit and ponder the possible answers. If you don't know the answer, you may say so and acknowlege that you are taking a guess, and then give your answer. If you KNOW the correct answer, please just give give the letter or text of your choice only. Don't spoil the question for others by giving a complete dissertation on the principals, theories and biographies of the author or scientist. Giving that information early in the net spoils the fun for the people who have yet to play. Factoids and anecdotal information regarding history or even personal experience relating to the question is a most welcome additive to the discussion AFTER the answer has been given. Let the Net Control you have additional info for the end of the net.

    Thanks for checking in and enjoy learning new facts, or basking in the knowlege that you have.
March 2018 Checkins - 27
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