LEARA Club Net Activity Log


Recent Announcements:

  • LEARA Club Net promotion - see the LEARA "On The Air" column in the newsletter for more info
  • The Thursday LEARA Club net meets every Thursday at 8 PM on 146.760. All are welcome to participate.
  • ARES nets meet every Tuesdays at 8 PM on 145.410 repeater. .
    ARES meetings have been postponed until September.
  • The Wednesday SkyWarn Wednesday night practice nets will meet every Wednesday in March thru September at 8:30PM on 146.760 repeater.
    At the end of the net a short simplex net will take place on 146.475.
    Feel free to check in and test your gear on simplex.
  • The National Weather Service has cancled it's customary multiple county Spring Spotter training for Spring of 2020
    An On-Line Spotter training vidio from the NWS is available at www.facebook.com/NWSCleveland/videos/858879174941020/
  • Next LEARA monthly membership meeting Will be Tuesday July 28, 2020 as a virtual meeting held on WebX. See the latest newsletter for general info. Details will be emailed to the membership.
  • Next LEARA Trustee meeting Saturday July 11, at 9:15AM - (stay tuned for update)
  • Have pictures of your shack or mobile installation? Pass them along to the newsletter editor Carsten KD8WBB at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • IRLP is on the '88 repeater; (currently not accessable as DTMF is not deconding tones) See the LEARA Newsletter and Web Page for more information
  • The Fusion Repeater on 444.700 is on the air in both digital and analog modes. Check out the Repeaters tab for more information.
  • Upcoming Hamfests – See Newsletter on the Club's Net page.
  • Public Service events:
  • The Public Service season for 2020 is on hold for now, please check out the link at: http://neoesg.org/events
    and scroll to the bottom or click "HERE"
    Please monitor events at the above N8ESG.org link
  • N8UPZ reminds everyone that the National Weather Service can always use help with precipitation monitoring. For further info please check out the CoCoRaHS web site at http://www.cocorahs.org

  • We can always use net controlers, which means that you can try your hand at running a LEARA net! Give it a try, it's not that hard. Learn the voices and call signs of your fellow radio members. We presently have 7 active net controlers to bring you the net each week. Why not join up and give us a hand.
    You can even do a part time shift - say 4 times a year! Give it a try!
    Contact Carl KB8VXE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • LEARA Fundraiser: LEARA is raffling off a Honda EU2200i generator to raise much-needed funds. This is the premier inverter generator for Field Day, camping, light duty home power backup, and many other uses. In addittion to the 120VAC ouput this generator also has a 12VDC output, useful for charging batteries or running ham radio gear.

    Tickets are available from trustees and also on line at the http://www.leara.org/raffle.org LEARA website. There are a maximum of 500 tickets. Tickets are $20 each. Note that if a minimum number of ticket sales are not reached, your money will be refunded.

Sunshine Report

  • We have get well wishes for Tom Cramer N8AGM. Get Strong.  

  • Our condolences go to Metro (W8MET) and Linda (N8LRS) Sinko
    Metro's Mother passed Thursday, July 2.
  • Doug Dever's XYL Spent the holiday in hospital.
    she is home and Doug is waiting on her hand & foote  

Past Trivia / Discussion Questions

  • 05/21/20 Trivia Question was: Coaxial cable for radio came into general use during which years?
    Choices: A. 1935-1940, B. 1940-1945, C. 1945-1950, D. 1950-1955
    Answer: B. 1940-1945
  • 05/28/20 Question: What was the newspaper and it’s headline that appeared in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    Choices: A) Akron Beacon Journal: 39 injured in fire at Highland Square Entertainment district fire.
    B) New York Times: Yonkers Riots Destroy Business District.
    D) Washington Post: Nixon Denies Knowledge of Watergate Break-in
    Answer: C - Cleveland Plain Dealer: 6 BIG OHIO UTILITIES SEEKING RATE BOOSTS
  • 06/04/20 Question: Saturday, the US launched two astronauts into space using a privately built vehicle. In what year was the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. trading as SpaceX founded:
    Choices: A) 1999 B) 2002, C) 2008, D) 2011?
    Answer B- Elon Musk Founded SpaceX: May 6, 2002
    Space Exploration Technologies Corp., trading as SpaceX, is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. Wikipedia
  • 06/11/20 Question: in the old days, radio recievers used three types of power sources. Were they:
    A)Power Cells, B)AA cells, C)A, B and C batteries, D)Solar Cells
    Answer: C- A,B & C.
    The A supplied power to the filiment,
    The B often called B+ supplied Hi-voltage to the tube
    the C supplied bias for the grid.
  • 06/18/20 Question: When was the first ARRL Amateur's Handbook published?
    Choices: A. 1919, B. 1920, C. 1926, D. 1928
    Answer: C. 1926
  • 06/25/20 Question: Like in a song there is a race between a Cadalac, Hot Rod Lincoln or Nash Rambler. Who wins in a race?
    Choices: A) Cadelac, B) Hot Rod Lincoln, C) A 4-speed dual quad quasi-traction 409, D) Nash Rambler
    Answer: D, Nash Rambler (beep beep)
  • 07/02/20 Question: Whick of the followiing did Edwin Armstrong invent?
    Choices: A) SSB, B) FM, C) ,MCW, D) PSK
    Answer: B-FM
    Armstrong held 42 Patents. He stressed the practical over the theoretical, stating that parogress was more likely the product of experimentation and reasoning thatn on mathematical calculation and the formuae of "mathematical physics". He also develope the regenerative circuit. He also developed the superheterodyne circuit RCA and Armstrong worked on FM transmitions. RCA didn't think narrow FM feasable and stopped work. Armstrong continued and developed wide band FM.
  • 07/09/20 Queston: For the City of Cleveland, What was the longest stretch of days with over 90 degree weather?
    Choices: A) 3, B) 4, C) 5, D) 6 days
    The Correct Anser was D- 6 days September 21-26, 2017, An incoorect answer was originally given as 4. There have been 4 times that 4 consequtive
    days over 90 Deggrees occured: 1953, 2002, 2006, 2011, 2018. Four times it's been over 90 for 5 days
  • 07/16/20 Question: Which DX atmospheric conditions would be best? (for Solar Flux and A-Index)?
    Choices: A. Low Flux Low A, B. Low Flux Hi A, C. Hi Flux Low A, D. Hi Flux Hi A
    Answer: C. High Solar Flux for ionization of the atmosphere, Low A-Index for quiet geomagnetic conditions
    A series of events that took place in history, all on July 17 in various years, was announced.
  • 07/23/20 Question: What is the name of the third grid added to the vacuum tube?Question:
    Choices: A) Screen, B) Suppressor, C) Modulator, D) None of the above
    Answer: B- Suppressor
  • 07/30/20 Question: Many old radios use an OA2 tube as part of their circuitry. An OA2 is a what? Choices: a) Mixer Tetrode, b) Power Tube, c) Voltage Regulator, d) Audio Tube Answer: c- Voltage Regulator
  • 08/06/20 Question: On a Raspberry Pi Microcomputer, where is the Operating System?
    Choices: A. No op system needed; B. On the hard drive; C. On a thumb drive; D. On an SD Card
    Answer: D. On an SD Card

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Trivia Question Etiquette

    The Trivia Question is supposed to be a fun and learning experience for everyone checking in. Most of the time the answer is a multiple guess, and for many literally a guess. It makes the people sit and ponder the possible answers. If you don't know the answer, you may say so and acknowlege that you are taking a guess, and then give your answer. If you KNOW the correct answer, please just give give the letter or text of your choice only. Don't spoil the question for others by giving a complete dissertation on the principals, theories and biographies of the author or scientist. Giving that information early in the net spoils the fun for the people who have yet to play. Factoids and anecdotal information regarding history or even personal experience relating to the question is a most welcome additive to the discussion AFTER the answer has been given. Let the Net Control KNOW you have additional info for the end of the net.

    Thanks for checking in and enjoy learning new facts, or basking in the knowlege that you have.
July 2020 Checkins - 39
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