LEARA Club Net Activity Log

Recent Announcements:

  • LEARA Club Net promotion - see the LEARA "On The Air" column in the newsletter for more info
  • The Thursday LEARA Club net meets every Thursday at 8 PM on 146.760. All are welcome to participate.
  • The Thursday LEARA Digital Communications Net meets every Thursday at 9PM on 146.880. All are welcome to participate.
    For information on Digital communication, software and cofiguraion, See Getting Started Tutorials on the Club's Net page.
  • ARES nets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8 PM on 145.410 repeater
  • The Wednesday SkyWarn Wednesday night practice nets are on vacation till March 2018,
    where they will meet every Wednesday in March thru September at 8:30PM on 146.880 repeater.
    At the end of the net a short simplex net will take place on 146.475. Feel free to check in and test your gear on simplex!
  • Next LEARA monthly membership meeting is on Tuesday October 31 around 6:30 PM at Teamz Restaurant & Bar
    at 6611 Eastland Rd, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
  • Next LEARA Trustee meeting Saturday November 11, at 9:15AM - Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library
    2121 Snow Road, Prma, Ohio 44134 - All members welcome
  • Have pictures of your shack or mobile installation? Pass them along to the newsletter editor KG8DN
  • IRLP is on the '88 repeater; See the LEARA Newsletter and Web Page for more information
  • The Fusion Repeater on 447.880 is back in town awaiting installation. Check out the Repeaters tab for more information.
  • Upcoming Hamfests – See Newsletter on the Club's Net page.
  • Public Service events:

    The Public Service season for 2017 has started . For events to come, please check out the ARES link: http://ccares.us/
    and scroll to the bottom or click "HERE"

    October 15 American Cancer Society - Strides against breast cancer - 5K walk
    Register at "https://ccares.us/events/event/acs-making-strides-against-breast-cancer-5k-walk/" (or click here)

  • We can always use net controlers, which means that you can try your hand at running a LEARA net! Give it a try, it's not that hard. Learn the voices and call signs of your fellow radio members. We presently have 7 active net controlers to bring you the net each week. Why not join up and give us a hand.
    You can even do a part time shift - say 4 times a year! Give it a try!
    Contact Carl KB8VXE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sunshine Report

  • Judy Nejman N8QMM, became a silent key Monday 10/02/17, While not a member of LEARA, She and BoB N8QHC, participated in many public service events: Kite Festival, Race for the Cure and especially the MS-150 bike tour. She was also one of the founding members of NEOMRC
    Internment was Saturday October 7.

Past Trivia / Discussion Questions

  • 8/17/17 Question: Which city is the only large city which will experience totality during Monday's eclipse?
    Choices: A) Portland B) Nashville C) Memphis D) Atlanta
    Answer: B) Nashville will experience totality, Portland 99%, Atlanta 97% and Memphis only 93%.
    Discussion Question: What are your eclipse viewing plans on Monday?
  • 8/24/17 Question: Did you take time out of your day Monday to check out teh Soar Eclipse
    Question: Were you aware of the many amateur radio events going on and did you participate in any?
  • 8/31/17 Discussion: What if a Huricane came to Cleveland, are you prepared for 30 inches of water?
  • 9/7/17 What additional band will a dipole cut for 40 meters normally also resonate on?
    A)80, B)20, C)15, D)10 meters?
    Answer: C- 15 meters. On 15 meters, each half of the dipole will be 3/4 wavelength.
  • 09/14/17 Question: (from QRZ #1188) Which statement about a three-element Yagi antenna is true?
    A) Low feed point impedance increases the bandwith, B) The reflector is the shortest element,
    C)The driven element is the longests element, D) The Director is the shortest element?
    Answer: D) The Director is the shortest element. (The reflector is the longest, and the director is the shortest)
    Opinion survey: How likely are you to attend the Holiday Party an the 100th Bomb Group?
  • 09/21/17 Question: About 20 years ago the American Beef Council placed a TV ad for beef. Music was by Arron Copeland.
    1. Who was the first spokesman for the commercial
    2. What was the music that was used.
    Answer: Music was Rodeo from American Spring Suite.
    Robert Mitchem was the first spokesman, and replaced by Sam Elliot when Mitchem passed.
  • 09/28/17 Question: What was the earliest form of communication at a diostance
    Answers: Smoke signals was the earliest method of sending long distant communicaton.
  • 10/05/17 Question: In which year did the Cleveland Indians franchise begin?
    A)1901, B)1905, C)1911, D)1915
    Answer:The Indians franchise began in 1901 as the Cleveland Blues. In 1905, they became known as tehe Cleveland Naps. In 1915, the Naps became the Indians.
  • 10/12/17 Question: When doing Net Control duties during a major storm in the area, what should NOT be done?
    A) Take damage reports. B) Get up and leave the radio unattended
    C) Take check-ins. D) Give reports on storm track and any weather bulletins.
    Answer:B) You should NEVER leave your net-control station when you are net control unless you have a back-up NCS.

    Bonus: Cuyahoga County Skywarn is active during: (several date groups)
    Answer: CCSW is active throughout the entire year. Anytime the NWS issues a ssevere weather alert CCSW may be activated.
  • 10/19/17 Question: Who initially figured out how sound waves traveled and how to transmit those waves wirelessly from one point to another?
    A) Reginald Fessenden, B) Samuel Morse, C) Thomas Edison, D) Gudielmo Marconi
    Answer: D) Canadian Reginald Fessenden was the larger than life man who in, 1906, solved the riddle of how sound waves traveled and what was necessary to transmit those waves wirelessly from one point to another.

Trivia Question Etiquette

    The Trivia Question is supposed to be a fun and learning experience for everyone checking in. Most of the time the answer is a multiple guess, and for many literally a guess. It makes the people sit and ponder the possible answers. If you don't know the answer, you may say so and acknowlege that you are taking a guess, and then give your answer. If you KNOW the correct answer, please just give give the letter or text of your choice only. Don't spoil the question for others by giving a complete dissertation on the principals, theories and biographies of the author or scientist. Giving that information early in the net spoils the fun for the people who have yet to play. Factoids and anecdotal information regarding history or even personal experience relating to the question is a most welcome additive to the discussion AFTER the answer has been given. Let the Net Control you have additional info for the end of the net.

    Thanks for checking in and enjoy learning new facts, or basking in the knowlege that you have.
September 2017 Checkins - 29
AC8CO Bill
K2WJS Bill
K8CVM Chuck
KE8ZZ Mike
K8JTK Jeff
K8SAS Steve
K8SHB Joel
KD8FTS Eddie
KD8TWG David
KE8ZZ Mike
KF8PM Allen
N8AUC Eric
N8UPZ Bill
N8UUC Dave
NA8Y John
W8BBL Bill
WB8IXZ Megan
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10/26/17 Eric N8AUC
11/02/17 Megan WB8IXZ
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