LEARA Club Net Activity Log

Recent Announcements:

  • The Thursday LEARA Club net meets every Thursday at 8 PM on the 146.760. All are welcome to participate.
  • ARES Nets & Meetings are on vacation untill January. ARES nets meet every Tuesdays at 8 PM on 145.410 repeater. A simplex net follows. Note there is no net on the third Tuesday as it is meeting night.
    ARES meetings are held 7PM the third Tuesday of each month. The next ARES meeting is Tuesday January 17, will be held at 7 PM at the Helwig Whistle Stop 599 W Bagley Rd, Berea, OH 44017, as well as a Zoom meeting. For more info, contact ARES at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please monitor the ARES website at www.n8esg.org/ares for information on nets and events. They are open to all, but if you are not an ARES member, please send a request at https://n8esg.org/contact/
  • The SkyWarn Wednesday night practice nets are on hiatis till April. Should the NWS issue a severe storm warning, a net will be held on the 146.760 repeater. Normal Practice nets are held on Wednesday nights from April through September at 8:30 PM on the 146.760 repeater (-)PL110.9. .
  • An On-Line Spotter training video from the NWS is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6R25g5YYhg

  • Next LEARA monthly membership meeting is on Tuesday November 29 at 6:30 PM at Houlihan's, 25651 Detroit Ave, Westlake, OH 44145), We will be ordering off the menu.
  • Next LEARA Trustee meeting Saturday November 12, at 9:15AM -
    It is open to all Paid LEARA Members. An Email will be sent out to members with instructions on how to attend.
  • Have pictures of your shack or mobile installation? Pass them along to the newsletter editor Carsten KD8WBB at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • IRLP is no longer on the '88 repeater; The 88 system has been upgraded to Allstar and Echo link. See the LEARA Newsletter and Web Page for more information
  • The 146.760 repeater is temporarily off the air. The transmitter is undergoing repairs and should be on the air soon. Please use the 146.880 repeater instead.
  • The UHF Repeater on 444.700 is on the air. It is a digital mode only. It will handle DMR, Fusion, P25 and D-Star (note there may be issues with Fusion and D-Star. Try them out and if you encounter problems, let David AD8A know). Check out the Repeaters tab for more information.
  • Public Service events: The Public Service season for 2022 is over, please check out the link at: http://neoesg.org/events
    and scroll to the bottom or click "HERE"
  • N8UPZ reminds everyone that the National Weather Service can always use help with precipitation monitoring. For further info please check out the CoCoRaHS web site at http://www.cocorahs.org

  • We can always use net controlers, which means that you can try your hand at running a LEARA net! Give it a try, it's not that hard. Learn the voices and call signs of your fellow radio members. We presently have 7 active net controlers to bring you the net each week. Why not join up and give us a hand.
    You can even do a part time shift - say 4 times a year! Give it a try!
    Contact Carl KB8VXE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • There is NO club net scheduled for Thanksgiving evening. However, if you are sitting aroiund doing nothing and would like to visit, check your the repeaters for other folks and have yourself an old fashoned QSO


Sunshine Report

  • Trustee Robert Wright KE8CEO has volunteered to take over the Sunshine post.
    Thank you Robert.

Past Trivia / Discussion Questions

  • 9/01/22 Question: What frequency and mode can you listen to the Blue Angels on this weekend?
    A. 121.9 FM
    B. 135.875 AM
    C. 235.25 FM
    D. 275.35 AM
    Answer: D- 275.35 AM
  • 9/22/22 Question: The Abbott TR-4 was:
    Choices: A) A two-meter tranceiver, B) A free standing tower, C) A transistor checker, D) a five-meter transceiver?
    Answer: D) a five-merter transceiver, had a super regeneratiion receiver and a two-tube transmitter. Vintage late 1930s.
  • 9/29/22 Trivia Question: What comercial vendor is celebrating 50 aniversary - Do you use "WARC Bands"
    Answer: MFJ
  • 10/06/22 Question: Where did the term "73" originate from?
    A: Air Traffic Controllers.
    B: The Railroad.
    C: Old AM radio sign-off's.
    D: Western Union.
    Answer: B) When the railroad used to sign on the telegraph, they would sign with "73", meaning "Best Regards". The numbers 7 and 3 were chosen because together they make a unique sound when sent sequentially
  • 10/13/22 Question: What plane is reputed for having shot itself down?
    A) German Heinkel He 178 in 1939
    B) German Messerschmitt Me-262 in 1942
    C) Japanese Zero during Pearl Harbor attack.
    D) US Grumman F-11 Tiger on 21 Sept 1956.
    E) Never happened
    Answer: D) US Grumman F-11 Tiger on 21 Sept 1956
    The F-11 Tiger is noted for being the first jet aircraft to shoot itself down.[3] On 21 September 1956, during a test-firing of its 20 mm (0.79 in) cannons, pilot Tom Attridge fired two bursts midway through a shallow dive. As the trajectory of the cannon rounds decayed, they ultimately crossed paths with the Tiger as it continued its descent, disabling it and forcing Attridge to crash-land the aircraft; he survived.
  • 10/20/22 Question: What is/was a "slop jar" in ham radio slang?
    A)  A spitoon
    B) An early form of "wet" electrolytic capacitor
    C)  A fictitious device, like a drip pan for a grid leak
    D)  An electrolytic rectifier
    Answer: D) An electrolytic rectifier
    Electrolytic rectifiers were common in the late '20s and early '30s. One "cell" consisted of two strips of
  • 10/27/22 Question: This coming Monday is Halloween. What is the origin of Halloween?
    A. It dates back about 2000 years ago to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in or SAH-win).
    B. In the 8th century Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as All Saints Day; the evening before became known as All Hallows Eve.
    C. It was the the combination of two Roman Festivals (Feralia and honoring Pomona) into the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in or SAH-win).
    D. All of the above are correct.
    E. None of the above are correct.
    Answer D. All of the above are correct.
    More info: www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-halloween and
  • 11/03/22 Question: In the early days of Morse Telegraphy, what message was used before SOS for emergency calling?
    a) QRH
    b) CQD === answer
    c) HELP
    d) 911
    Discussion question: Who do you want to win the World Series? Houston or Philadelphia?
  • 11/10/22 Question: If you operate to win the WORKED ALL STATES award from multiple locatioms, there must be no more that how many miles apart?
    Choices: A)25, B)50, C)100, D anywhere within the State?
    Answer: B 50 miles
  • 11/17/22 Question: Which U.S. President cancelled Thanksgiving during his presidency?
    Choices: A) Monroe, B) Buchanen, C) Adams, D) Jefferson.
    Answer: D- Jeffereson believed in seperation of Church and State. He felt that giving thanks was a form of prayer, and should have nothing to do with a presidential declaration for a day of thanks. It was in 1863 that Lincoln made it a federal holiday.
    Discussion: What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories?

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Trivia Question Etiquette

  • The Trivia Question is supposed to be a fun and learning experience for everyone checking in. Most of the time the answer is a multiple guess, and for many literally a guess. It makes the people sit and ponder the possible answers. If you don't know the answer, you may say so and acknowlege that you are taking a guess, and then give your answer. If you KNOW the correct answer, please just give give the letter or text of your choice only. Don't spoil the question for others by giving a complete dissertation on the principals, theories and biographies of the author or scientist. Giving that information early in the net spoils the fun for the people who have yet to play. Factoids and anecdotal information regarding history or even personal experience relating to the question is a most welcome additive to the discussion AFTER the answer has been given. Let the Net Control KNOW you have additional info for the end of the net.

    Thanks for checking in and enjoy learning new facts, or basking in the knowlege that you have.



October 2022 Checkins - 31

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  Please note there is a slight change in the schedule.
Note there is no net scheduled for Thanksgiving 11-24 however,
Feel free to check in and have an old "rachet jaw"

Net Control Schedule

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11/24/22 No Net
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