Upcoming Meeting Locations


146.76 is On the Air!


The .76 repeater is back on the air!  There are a few remaining minor issues that we are aware of and are working on.

See the Repeaters page for more information.

The August 31, 2021 LEARA meeting will be at My Friends Restaurant, located at 11616 Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio 44102. As usual, dinner will begin at 6:30 pm followed by the club meeting. Attendees can order off of the menu, but advance reservations are requested so the restaurant can plan accordingly. Reservations may be made on the club website at http://www.leara.org, or by calling Marv Grossman (W8AZO) at 440-248-0031. Please submit your reservations by the Sunday before the meeting. We hope to see you there.


Monthly Meeting Locations:

July 27, 2021:   Picnic Meeting: Harriet Keeler Picnic Pavilion in the Brecksville Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks
August 31, 2021:   My Friends Restaurant: 11616 Detroit Avenue; Cleveland, Ohio 44102
September 28, 2021:   To Be Announced
October 26, 2021:   To Be Announced
November 30, 2021:   To Be Announced
December 2021:   (No Meeting)