Officers & Trustees


146.76 is On the Air!


The .76 repeater is back on the air!  There are a few remaining minor issues that we are aware of and are working on.

See the Repeaters page for more information.


Office Officer Call sign
President Bryan Torok N8OOF
Vice President Eric Jessen N8AUC    
Vice President Andrew Kahn WA8LIV
Secretary Ken Kane KG8DN
Treasurer Jeff Garvas N8YNR
License Trustee Eric Jessen N8AUC


Trustee Call sign Term
Steve Spisak K8SAS 2021
Eddie Stevens KD8FTS 2020
Dave Andrzejewski KD8TWG 2019
Ken Kane KG8DN 2019
Eric Jessen N8AUC 2020
Bryan Torok N8OOF 2021
Jeff Garvas N8YNR 2019
Marv Grossman W8AZO 2021
Andrew Kahn WA8LIV 2020

Other Officers

The following offices need not be members of the Board of Trustees.

Title Name Call sign
Newsletter Editor Ken Kane KG8DN
Membership Marv Grossman W8AZO
Program Chair Eric Jessen N8AUC
Radio Officer Bryan Torok N8OOF
Radio Officer Dave Andrzejewski KD8TWG
Net Manager Carl Gedeon KB8VXE
Public Relations Jeff Garvas N8YNR
Sunshine Carl Gedeon KB8VXE

Trustee Emeritus

The Board of Trustees may choose to honor a member of the club by conferring upon them the title of Trustee Emeritus.  A Trustee Emeritus may not be a current Trustee and they do not have Trustee responsibilities.  However, a Trustee Emeritus must have been a Trustee for 10 years and demonstrated a pattern of significant contributions to LEARA and / or Amateur Radio.  The current Board of Trustees must ratify the resolution by 2/3rds vote.  It is our privilege to honor with the title of Trustee Emeritus:

Bob Winston W2THU
Dave Foran (SK) WB8APD
Al Amster (SK) W8TTY
John Radney (SK) KC8FOC
Don Raith (SK) N8DJG
Al Severson (SK) AB8P
Pat Shreve (SK) W8GRG
Fred Collins (SK) W8ADW