The 146.88 Repeater features a connection to the Allstarlink network.  Allstar is an open source system built on the Asterisk PBX platform allowing repeaters and simplex nodes to be linked.

The node number is 456771.

General Allstar Links



  • Always identify with your call sign when entering DTMF commands.
  • When connecting to a larger system (like the WIN system), please ensure other systems are disconnected (*76).
    • Most systems have policies against connecting them to other large systems.
  • Allstar was installed in late July and we may still have bugs to work out - if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave AD8G directly.
  • The repeater currently does NOT transmit allstar with CTCSS and therefore you must listen in carrier squelch (this is on my todo list).
  • When unused for 120 minutes, nodes will automatically be disconnected.
  • Before connecting/disconnecting, listen to the repeater for a few minutes to be sure it's not being used. Then use *70 to check the current status or see below.


Courtesy Tones

Courtesy tones - the tone you hear right after a station completes their transmission - help indicate the state of the repeater.

  • Local users on 146.88 will trigger the standard courtesy tone (512Hz/646Hz).
    • If another allstar node is connected, you will hear an additional two-tone courtesy beep (1533Hz, then 1209Hz).
  • Remote users from linked allstar nodes have a higher-pitched courtesy tone (700Hz/1100Hz).



Key up the repeater, identify with your callsign, and enter the following using the DTMF pad on your radio.

Command Description
*1<nodenum> Disconnects the node specified by <nodenum>
*2<nodenum> Connect to the node specified by <nodenum> - listen only
*3<nodenum> Connect to the node specified by <nodenum> - transceive
*70 Play current system status (including linked nodes)
*76 Disconnect all nodes
*77 Reconnect previously disconnected node(s) - use this if you mess up!



Autoconnect Schedule


There are a number of allstar nodes that have regularly-scheduled nets that we think our members will find interesting.  The system will automatically connect to the proper node a few minutes ahead of the scheduled net start time.

If you have any questions or suggestions for items to add to this list, please contact Dave AD8G.


Day Start Time End Time* Node/System Description/Link to Info
Tuesday 8:00 PM   45225 - East Coast Reflector AllStar Technical Net
Wednesday 7:00 PM 7:55 PM 2135 - WAN System Ham Shack Net
Friday 10:00 PM   2560 - WIN System Technical Net
Every Day 2:00 AM   2560 - WIN System Insomniac Trivia Net


*Some nets have no end time listed, so the normal node timeout will apply.

A list of other allstar nets can be found here.


View Current Node Status




Live link status

If you don't see any "bubbles" - the node is not connected to any other nodes.