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March 2015
FAA Cleveland Center Tour
Bob Mervis, W8RLM SK
US Amateur Radio Numbers Reach an All-Time High

February 2015
Dongle Bits Wrapping Up: ADS-B, MARCS-IP, Scanners
Michigan Passes Antenna Accomodation

January 2015
Hamvention Chair: "The Show Will Go On" at Aging Hara Arena
Amateur Radio Parity Act - End of Year Status

November 2014
FCC License Certificates and Plates
Equipment Available
The ITU Elects a New Secretary-General

October 2014
D-Star Equipment Available
Dongle Bits: Programs & Apps for Software Defined Radio
Radio Amateur is Among Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners

September 2014
Four LEARA Trustees are Newly-Endorsed
News from the Hill
US House Bipartisan Bill Proposes to Extend "Reasonable Accommodation"

August 2014
Dongle Bits: (RPi B+) $20 SDR
It's That Time Again... [Trustee elections]
Party Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio Payload Circles the Northern Hemisphere

July 2014
Seemingly Strange Solar Cycle May Be Sorta Normal
"Extremely Large Telescope" Breaks Ground

June 2014
Dongle Bits: Projects
Huntsville to Host Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference

May 2014
Condolences to the Zimmet family
Public Service Opportunities
Amateur Radio Digital TV Test from the ISS

April 2014
Bus To Dayton For Hamvention May 17
Dongle Bits: Your First Project?
Public Service Opportunities
10,000+ police officers entrust their lives to Amateur Radio